Funktionen und Arbeitsprinzip des Serial Port Servers

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Functions and working principles of serial port server

What is Serial Server

      A serial port server is a networking device that connects two or more serial devices through the network.It can no longer be limited by the length of physical cables, and serial devices can be connected via Ethernet no matter where they are located in the world.Using serial port connection, the devices can work as if they are close together.

Working principle

     Serial servers are generally used in pairs, one is the server and the other is the client.The connection between the two side is established through the IP address and the port numbers.Data can be transmitted bidirectionally and transparently,This mode is suitable for transforming the bus connection between two serial devices into a TCP/IP network connection.


1. The serial port server can connect traditional RS-232/422/485 devices to the Internet immediately,The serial port networking server is like a microcomputer including CPU, real-time operating system and TCP/IP protocol,Transfer data between serial ports and network devices.Using a serial server to connect the network allows you to access, manage and configure your remote devices from anywhere in the world.Network management and remote control can be realized.

2. A serial port server can help you lighten your workload.A high-quality serial port server will have a "good management interface",These large numbers of serial devices may be scattered in different remote terminals,So this requires a high-quality serial port converter to use a single interface to complete all settings,Whether using Windows software, Web or Telnet.For some traditional serial port transmission applications, 115.2Kbps is enough,However, if you want to switch to 100M interface converter communication,The speed of the embedded device module needs to reach 230.4kbps.

GP-C4002 Industrial Etherent Wireless Serial Device Server

Support for IEEE802.11b/g/n standards
Support for the TCP / UDP protocol
Support for the VPN tunnel protocol
Support for the VPN tunnel protocol
RS485 / RS232 double serial ports

Application Scenarios

        As mentioned above, the main function of the serial port server is to connect the serial device through the serial port RS232/485,The other end is connected to the network port,The RS232 and RS485 serial ports work independently at the same time without affecting each other, and can remotely manage multiple serial communication devices.

It work functions are as follow:

1. As a middle end to extend the communication distance

2. Remotely control the original serial port program through the virtual serial port software

3. Network remote control PLC connection

4. Connect with Modbus sensor to form connection configuration software

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