GPSENKE:Promote Green-Entwicklung im digitalen Prozess

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GPSENKEPromote Green-development in digital process


igital Platform

Nowadays, intelligence and digitization have become the development trend of the manufacturing industry.On the road of promoting the digitization and intelligence of the manufacturing industry, more and more enterprises have made many beneficial attempts.

Enterprises gradually promote the development of semiconductor technology, computer technology, cloud and Internet,Integrate diverse data into one, Aggregate the vast amounts of data collected through digital systems for storage, classification, etc.,Then, based on the results of data display, more precise changes and upgrades are made, which provides a reliable data foundation for the efficient operation and management of enterprises.

In 26th, October , 2022We have launched out the GPSENKE digital network system around the world, which is aimed at promoting enterprise turn to digital transformation. At the same time, our technical team continuously optimizes system technologies and solutions to provide reliable services for the communications manufacturing industry.

Edge Computing Gateway

 As the number and type of front-end equipment continues to grow with development,As the number and types of front-end devices continue to grow with development, the timeliness of uploading data to the cloud has been affected to a certain extent.In order to facilitate the processing of data in the cloud, we launched GPSENKE edge computing gateway,which Preliminarily receive front-end data, sort and process the data before uploading to the cloud platform ,This kind of front-end data computing can not only support the protocols of different front-end devices and the diversification of data, but also reduce the pressure of browsing cloud data algorithms and improve the flexibility of data.

The edge computing gateway combines GPSENKE's open digital platform to provide customers and enterprises with a four-layer technology framework for digital transformation,The platform receives continuously updated data, circulates in the four-layer structure, forms a closed-loop feedback of data, and highly extracts the core elements of a digital enterprise.Promote Green-development in digital process.

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